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NTC 10K wire thermistor sensors DS18B20 pack of 5pcs


  1. Programmable Temperature Sensor
  2. 1-Wire method
  3. Operating voltage  :   5V
  4. Temperature Range   :  -55°C to +125°C
  5. Package include : 5 pieces

Available in Pack Of:

SKU: 8465GU

MRP Rs. 539.35
Rs. 469.00 (Incl. Tax)
Rs. 397.46 (+18% GST extra)
Rs.397.46 / 5 pcs = Rs.79.49 per piece
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NTC 10K wire thermistor sensors DS18B20 pack of 5pcs

The DS18B20 is a 1-wire programmable Temperature sensor. It is used to measure temperature in hard situations like in chemical solutions, mines or soil, etc. This is a waterproof component. On the other hand, It can measure a wide range of temperatures from -55°C to +125°. Also, can be used where the temperature has to be measured at multiple points.

Package includes:-

This is the pack of 5 pieces of NTC 10K wire thermistor sensor


  1. Measuring temperature at hard situations
  2. Liquid temperature measurement

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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 28, 2023
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