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ProtoShield + Mini Breadboard for Arduino

  1. Size: Compatible with standard Arduino boards.
  2. Mini Breadboard: 170 points for temporary connections.
  3. Soldering Area: Provides through-hole pads for soldered components.
  4. Versatile: Ideal for small-scale prototyping and project development.

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ProtoShield + Mini Breadboard for Arduino

An essential tool for advocates of Arduino and electronics prototyping is the ProtoShield with Mini Breadboard. A soldering area and a 170-point tiny breadboard are provided by this useful expansion board, which mounts on the top of your Arduino to facilitate easy circuit building. Because of this protection, creating custom circuits and prototyping are made possible without requiring a complete breadboard. It's a great tool for developing and growing Arduino-based applications quickly and precisely.


  • It is simple to connect and secure components with the shield's soldering area, which has through-hole pads.
  • Mini Breadboard: For quick and temporary circuit connections, it comes with a 170-point mini breadboard.
  • Compact Design: Your Arduino board is neatly covered by this ProtoShield, offering a small and space-saving prototyping platform.
  • Versatile prototyping: Allows for rapid project creation by enabling experimentation and prototyping without the requirement for a full breadboard.
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very good product

Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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