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ProtoShield + Mini Breadboard for Arduino

  1. Size: Compatible with standard Arduino boards.
  2. Mini Breadboard: 170 points for temporary connections.
  3. Soldering Area: Provides through-hole pads for soldered components.
  4. Versatile: Ideal for small-scale prototyping and project development.

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ProtoShield + Mini Breadboard for Arduino

The ProtoShield with Mini Breadboard is a critical accessory for Arduino fans and electronics prototyping. It's a handy enlargement board that mounts on the pinnacle of your Arduino, offering a soldering region and a 170-point mini breadboard for smooth circuit construction. This guard lets you create custom circuits and prototype your initiatives without the want for a complete breadboard. It's a super device for experimenting and growing Arduino-based packages quickly and correctly.

  1. Compact Design: Your Arduino board is neatly covered by this ProtoShield, offering a small and space-saving prototyping platform.
  2. It is simple to connect and secure components with the shield's soldering area, which has through-hole pads.
  3. Mini Breadboard: For quick and temporary circuit connections, it comes with a 170-point mini breadboard.
  4. Versatile prototyping: Allows for rapid project creation by enabling experimentation and prototyping without the requirement for a full breadboard.

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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 28, 2023
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