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Voltage detection sensor module 25V


  1. Input Voltage: 0 to 25V
  2. Voltage Detection Range:  0.02445 to 25
  3. Analog Voltage Resolution: 0.00489V
  4. Needs no external components
  5. Easy to use with Microcontrollers
  6. Small, cheap, and easily available

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Voltage detection sensor module 25V

A useful and adaptable device for monitoring and measuring voltage stages in a wide range of packages is the 25V Voltage Detection Sensor Module. This module is a truly ideal tool for tasks requiring voltage tracking, protection, and manipulation because it is designed to provide specific voltage facts in real-time. The Voltage Detection Sensor Module's enormous voltage variety, which enables it to degree voltage stages up to 25V, is one of its most notable features. Because of this range, it can be used in applications like battery control, electricity supply manipulation, and business systems where different voltage tiers need to be monitored. Due to the module's compatibility with virtual structures and microcontrollers, customers can simplify the combination procedure and turn voltage sensing into a wide range of tasks. The module ensures accurate and trustworthy voltage data regardless of whether it is utilized for voltage control, battery life monitoring, or structural tracking. With the help of galvanic isolation, the Voltage Detection Sensor Module enhances safety, which is crucial in electric applications. By separating the measured voltage from the output sign, this function eliminates potential risks and guarantees both the consumer's and the device's safety. The module's compact and intuitive design makes it easy to install and set up, making it suitable for both professional programs and do-it-yourself projects.

  • Precise and Real-Time Voltage Monitoring.
  • Ideal for Battery Management and Power Supplies.
  • Compatible with Microcontrollers.
  • Measures Voltage as much as 25V.
  • Galvanic Isolation for Enhanced Safety.
  • Compact and User-Friendly Design.
  • Versatile for DIY and Professional Projects.
  • Ensures Accurate Voltage Control and Monitoring.
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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2024
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