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100K dual gang rotary potentiometer (A100, B100) D shape shaft handle 6 pin pack of 2pcs


  1. Type : dual gang rotary potentiometer
  2. Resistance value : 100K
  3. Shaft : D shape shaft
  4. Maximum Input Voltage  :  200Vdc
  5. Rotational Life :  2000K cycles

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100K dual gang rotary potentiometer (A100, B100) D shape shaft handle 6 pin pack of 2pcs

The 100K Dual Gang Rotary Potentiometer with A100 and B100 configurations, featuring a D-shaped shaft and a handle, is a versatile and precision electronic component widely used in audio and electronic circuits. The potentiometer has a resistance value of 100K ohms, making it suitable for applications where variable resistance is needed. The dual gang design means that the potentiometer consists of two electrically independent potentiometers operated by a common shaft. This lets in for the simultaneous adjustment of  parameters or the control of stereo audio alerts. The A100 and B100 designations refer to the taper or law of the potentiometer. A100 typically signifies a logarithmic (audio) taper, while B100 indicates a linear taper. This allows for specialized use in audio applications where volume control needs to mimic the human ear's response. The potentiometer features a D-shaped shaft, which is a flattened shape that ensures a secure grip for the attached knob. This form is commonly used to prevent slippage and is particularly useful whilst a precise adjustment is needed. The potentiometer includes a manage for easy guide adjustment. The take care of may be became to differ the resistance, allowing customers to govern parameters in a circuit or adjust audio extent.

Package includes:-

This is the pack of 2 pieces of 100K dual-gang rotary potentiometer (A100, B100) D shape shaft handle 6 pin


  • Its metal body gives it durability and strength.
  • D shape shaft dual potentiometer
  • They are used to accurately measure voltage.
  • Also, use in stereo audio volume control
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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 20, 2024
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