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12V DC stereo preamplifier circuit board with balance, bass and treble control


  1. 100% branded and genuine product
  2. Operating voltage  :  12V DC
  3. Rich sound quality
  4. 3 potentiometer controller of balance, bass, and treble
  5. Excellent working capabilities

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12V DC stereo preamplifier circuit board with balance, bass, and treble control

This is a entire tuner board of stability, bass, and treble. It has 3 potentiometers of bass, treble, and stability. The stability characteristic allows you to manipulate the left and right output frequency of those speakers. You can stability them or can adjust the frequency as in step with your want. The enter voltage of this board is 12V DC. The sound quality produced by means of this board is also very quality


  1. High-best sound reproduction
  2. three potentiometer controllers for higher adjustment
  3. You can set the bass and treble manually
  4. An optimized model of the passive preamplifier
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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