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20 x 4 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD204A)


  1. Color of display: Green
  2. Color of character: Yellow
  3. Size : 20 x 4 (20 character x 4 rows)
  4. Input voltage : +5V
  5. Supply current : 8mA
  6. Board dimensions  :  98mm x 60mm (LxB)
  7. Display dimensions   :   76mm x 25mm (LxB)

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20 x 4 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD204A)

There are several uses for an electronic display module called a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel. A 20x4 LCD display is a relatively basic module that is frequently seen in many different kinds of circuits and gadgets. An LCD that measures 20 by 4 may show up to 20 characters on each of its four lines. Every character in this LCD is shown as a 5 by 8 pixel matrix. The 20x4 intelligent alphanumeric dot matrix display is capable of displaying 256 distinct letters and symbols.


  • Black text on the yellow background
  • 20 characters wide, 4 rows
  • The integrated single LED backlight is easily dimmable using PWM or a resistor.
  • Is totally controllable using just six digital lines! (Any pin, digital or analog, may be utilized.)

  • Laser printers
  • Fax machines
  • Industrial test equipment
  • Networking equipment
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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2024
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