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240 x 128 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD240128D)

  1. Specifications

  1. Color of display : Green
  2. Color of character : Yellow
  3. Size : 240 x 128 (240 character x 128 rows)
  4. Input voltage : +5V
  5. Supply current : 2mA
  6. Board dimensions  :  144mm x 104mm (LxB)
  7. Display dimensions   :   115mm x 60mm (LxB)

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240 x 128 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD240128D)

A fantastic and adaptable visual interface, the JHD240128D 240 x 128 Yellow/Green Color LCD Display Module is made to provide accurate and clear fact presentation for a variety of packages. This module stands out for projects that need complex fact presentation because of its advantageous display screen length and capacity to display 240 x 128 pixels. This module is suitable for a variety of programs because of the yellow/inexperienced color aggregate that provides stability between visibility and aesthetics. The color scheme enhances both functionality and obvious charm, whether it is incorporated into consumer electronics, commercial control panels, or information display systems. Text and images will always be clear and distinct, even in complex designs, thanks to the module's high pixel count and structural integrity. This feature guarantees accurate and lucid facts, which makes it ideal for applications where record accuracy is critical. Customers can create visually appealing shows with minimal effort thanks to the module's assistance with textual content and basic graphics. Whether for consumer electronics, commercial control structures, or virtual signage, its user-friendly interface and standardized pinout make integration into various systems and projects simple. For the most part, the 240 x 128 Yellow/Green Color LCD Display Module (JHD240128D) is a dependable and aesthetically pleasing way to increase.


  • Generous 240 x 128 Pixel Display.
  • Yellow/Green Color Combination for Clarity.
  • Ideal for Consumer Electronics and Control Panels.
  • High Pixel Count and Resolution.
  • Supports Text and Basic Graphics.
  • User-Friendly Interface for Easy Integration.
  • Versatile for Diverse Applications.
  • Creates Detailed and Precise Visual Displays.

  1. Fax machines
  2. Laser printers
  3. Industrial test equipment
  4. Networking equipment

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 14, 2024
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