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2W10 - 2A 1000V Bridge Rectifier diode pack of 5pcs


  • Max Surge Current:2A
  • Reverse Voltage:1000V
  • Forward Voltage VF Max: 1.1V
  • Operating Temperature Max: 125°C
  • Operating Temperature Min: -55 °C

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2W10 - 2A 1000V Bridge Rectifier diode pack of 5pcs

Bridge rectifiers are used to convert AC power to DC power. The bridge rectifier is the most efficient rectifier circuit. These can be defined as a type of full-wave rectifier that uses four or more diodes in a bridge circuit configuration to efficiently convert alternating current to a direct current. The main advantage of this rectifier is the absence of the expensive center tap transformer. Therefore, the size and the cost are reduced.

Package includes

This is the pack of 5 pieces of 2W10 - 2A 1000V Bridge Rectifier diode


  1. AC to DC converter
  2. Consumer electronics
  3. Rectifier circuits
  4. Battery Chargers

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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 27, 2023
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