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3 USB 5V 1A Mobile power bank charger controller module pack of 1pcs


  1. Charging Voltage:  5V DC
  2. Charging Current:  1000mA or 1A
  3. LED indication is provided
  4. USB Output Voltage:  DC 5V
  5. USB Output Current:  1200mA
  6. Charging Interface  : 3 Micro USB port

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3 USB 5V 1A Mobile power bank charger controller module pack of 1pcs

Power banks can be upgraded or built in a flexible and efficient manner with the three USB 5V 1A mobile power bank charger module. With its three USB outputs, each providing a constant 5V at 1A current, many devices can be charged at the same time. Ensuring safe and efficient charging, it offers comprehensive control features to safeguard your gadgets against overvoltage and overcurrent. For do-it-yourself projects, this module's small size and straightforward integration make it perfect. Regardless matter whether you're building a new power bank or upgrading an old one, this controller module offers ease and dependability for all your charging needs.


  • This module provides under-voltage protection to the circuit.
  • This board also ensure the output short circuit protection
  • This board has an LED for charging and discharging indication
  • Also, 3 Micro USB port for charging is available.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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