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4V - 12V Small flat cylindrical shape DC motor


  1. Length of overall product:  30mm approx.
  2. Diameter:  35mm
  3. Shaft diameter:  2mm
  4. Shaft length:  8mm
  5. Working voltage:  4V – 12V

SKU: 8086CC

MRP Rs. 44.85
Rs. 39.00 (Incl. Tax)
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4V - 12V Small flat cylindrical shape DC motor

This is a cylindrical shape mini shaft motor. It is not waterproof. Keep away in reach from children. This motor works absolutely fine with the DC current range from 4V to 12V. It is used in many toys due to its heat dissipation advantage. The heating problem does not occur in this motor because it has various holes in the front. It can work for many hours without any throwbacks.


  1. Great for robot toy
  2. Student lab project
  3. Motor powered cars
  4. Engineering class

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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 28, 2023
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