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5V 1 channel relay module compatible with 5V microcontroller


  1. Number of channels: 1
  2. Supply voltage: 3.75V to 6V
  3. Quiescent current: 2mA
  4. Trigger voltage: 5V
  5. Trigger current: 20mA
  6. Current when the relay is active: 70mA
  7. Relay maximum contact voltage: 250V AC or 30V DC
  8. Relay maximum current:  10A

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5V 1 channel relay module compatible with 5V microcontroller

The flexible 5V 1-Channel Relay Module is made to connect to 5V microcontrollers and other digital circuits. The low-voltage output of your microcontroller can be used to control high-voltage components like lights, motors, or appliances thanks to this module. Insuring that the microcontroller is protected from voltage spikes or backflows, offers isolation and protection. It is a popular option in DIY electronics and home automation projects where you need to remotely control numerous electrical items using a microcontroller because of its single channel, which is ideal for simple automation chores.

  1. A smooth integration with 5V microcontrollers is the goal of the design.
  2. It uses low-power impulses to operate high-power devices.
  3. It isolates and safeguards your microcontroller.
  4. ideally suited for DIY home automation and electronics applications.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 20, 2024
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