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5V 1 channel relay module compatible with 5V microcontroller


  1. Number of channels: 1
  2. Supply voltage: 3.75V to 6V
  3. Quiescent current: 2mA
  4. Trigger voltage: 5V
  5. Trigger current: 20mA
  6. Current when the relay is active: 70mA
  7. Relay maximum contact voltage: 250V AC or 30V DC
  8. Relay maximum current:  10A

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5V 1 channel relay module compatible with 5V microcontroller

This 1 channel relay board operates on 5V.  This module can be used directly to control 240V power appliances from most of the microcontrollers and other control system circuits. Perfect for switching 240V appliances like lights, fans, etc. The board has a high-quality relay, which can handle a maximum of 10A @ 120V or  7A/24V DC. Relay has three connections - Common - C, Normally Open-NO, Normally Closed-NC brought out to 3 pin screw terminals which makes it easy to make and remove connections. The board has a power indication and a relay status LED to ease debugging. Power input and relay control signals are brought to header pins on the board.


  1. 1 channel relay module.
  2. One is normally closed contact and one is normally open contact.
  3. High impedance controller pin.
  4. Default High-level trigger.
  5. Pull-down circuit for the avoidance of malfunction.

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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 27, 2023
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