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5V Mini Piezoelectric passive continuous beep buzzer pack of 2pcs


  1. Operating voltage : 5V
  2. Rated current : 30mA
  3. Response frequency : 2048Hz
  4. Sound pressure : 80db/10cm
  5. Pin spacing : 8mm
  6. Hard plastic body

Available in Pack Of:

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5V Mini Piezoelectric passive continuous beep buzzer pack of 2pcs

About Buzzers:-

Buzzer is a type of sound device that basically generate sound signals. Buzzers are used to prompter or alarm. According to their diverse design and uses, it can generate different type of music sound like flute sound, buzzer, alarm sound, electric bell and lot of other sound. Buzzers are used in different application in different industries in siren, alarm device, fire alarm, air defense alarm, burglar alarm, timer, etc. It is also widely used in domestic appliances, alarm system, automatic production line, low-voltage electrical equipment, electronic toys, game machines and other products and industries. 

Product detail:- 

The Electronic Spices 5V Mini Piezoelectric passives continuous beep buzzers pack of 2 pcs is a mini piezoelectric audio signaling device. The operating voltage required for this device is between 5V. It produces a continuous beep sound at the pressure of 80db/10cm.

Package includes:

This is the pack of 2 pieces 5V Mini Piezoelectric passives continuous beep buzzers

  • Mini 5V Piezo transducer
  • PCB & breadboard mountable
  • Low power consumption
  • Sealed base

It is best choice for small toys, Alarm Systems, DIY projects. It’s a high-quality product in the term of costing because it comes in very affordable price and also consume very less power in the comparison of other types of buzzers available in the market. So, if you searching for a buzzer, it a best choice for you.

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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 20, 2024
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