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82D05 5V Stereo dual channel audio bluetooth 2.0 module


  1. Operating voltage : 5V
  2. Dual channel stereo
  3. Current : 300mA
  4. Power rating : 3W
  5. Small size

SKU: 54668CJ

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82D05 5V Stereo dual channel audio bluetooth 2.0 module

This is a Bluetooth audio receiver module, which means it can receive the audio signal of MP3 and other popular formats. It's very easy to connect and operate, and once connected to the other Bluetooth device like your phone or laptop, etc. it can receive the signal and convert it into the output form which is compatible with the speakers. It has 3 output terminals  L Out, R Out, and GND to which you can directly connect your wired earphone using a 3.5mm female jack or if you want to drive a big speaker you can connect its output to the input of a good amplifier system.


  1. Bluetooth 2.0 with audio signal decoding feature
  2. The output is directly compatible with the amplifier
  3. Very little weight and small size
  4. Can be used to design your own wireless music system
  5. Low power consumptions
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very good product

Abhishek - Jan 30, 2023
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