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9V-12V 3.6cm DC Medium size metal case toy motor


  1. Motor length  :  25mm approx.
  2. Working voltage range  :  3V to 9V
  3. Power rating  :  1.2W
  4. Rated current  ;  0.6A
  5. Keep away from children under 15 years

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9V-12V 3.6cm DC Medium size metal case toy motor

This is a medium-size motor. It works in the range of 3V to 9V. You can also try to connect it with 12V but at your risk. This motor has a metal casing body for long life. This motor is not waterproof. It can be utilized in a variety of electrical devices, toys, and a lot more because of its small size. It has some fine cutting edges for heat dissipation. It can work many hours non-stop without any problem.


  • Toy cars
  • Windmill projects
  • Basic Electronics projects
  • Also can be used to rotate Robot wheels
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very good product

Abhishek - Apr 14, 2024
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