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BD140 General purpose PNP transistors box of 2000pcs

  1. Transistor Type  :  PNP transistor
  2. Max Collector Current  :  -1.5A
  3. Max Collector-Emitter Voltage  :  –80V
  4. Max Collector-Base Voltage  :  –80V
  5. Max Emitter-Base Voltage  :  –5V
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SKU: 7967CG

MRP Rs. 5978.85
Rs. 5199.00 (Incl. Tax)
Rs. 4405.93 (+18% GST extra)
Rs.4405.93 / 2000 pcs = Rs.2.20 per piece
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BD140 General purpose PNP transistors box of 2000pcs

BD140 is a General-purpose PNP type transistor. This transistor can handle current up to 1.5A or 1500mA. It is a good transistor to use in audio amplifier circuits. The minimum base voltage or saturation voltage of the transistor is -0.5V. It is an ideal transistor to use in circuits using 80 volts DC or below 80 volts.
Package includes
This is the box of 2000 pieces of BD140 General purpose PNP transistor
  1. Audio Amplifiers
  2. Battery Chargers
  3. Power Supplies
  4. Motor Driver
  5. Darlington Pair
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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 23, 2023
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