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Electrical screwdriver tester 130mm length with neon bulb transparent multifunction voltage tester tool


  1. Total length: 130mm
  2. Type of bulb: Neon bulb
  3. Color of the tester : Transparent
  4. Highly insulated
  5. Better performance
  6. Cheap and easy to use
  7. Voltage capacitance : 100V to 500V

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Electrical screwdriver tester 130mm length with neon bulb transparent multifunction voltage tester tool

This is a reliable tool for electronic test equipment. It is used to determine the presence of electricity in a piece of equipment. This testing tool is very much simpler to use. The tip of the tester is touched by the conductor being tested. A neon bulb takes very little current to light and thus can use the user's body capacitance to earth ground to complete the circuit. It is very cheap compared to other testers in the market. This tool is highly insulated with hard plastic. Please do not use this tester with wet hands. Always be careful whenever you test the electricity.


  1. Highly insulated
  2. Easy hand grip for better performance
  3. Reliable and easy to use
  4. High carbon steel tip
  5. High-quality neon bulb

A tester screwdriver is a very common yet very useful tool that is used to test whether electricity is flowing through specific electrical system. The tester may also be used to determine which wires in an electrical system are hot, neutral, or grounded. The tip of the tool designed to detect electricity must be placed directly against exposed wire or metal to receive an accurate reading. The structure of tester is like a traditional flat head screwdriver so that it may also be used to adjust screws used in the repair process. The handle of the tester is made from high quality plastic to protect the user from receiving an electrical shock while holding the tester screwdriver. The plastic handle of the tester contains a small, colored neon light inside. This neon light is glows when the screwdriver head is touched against any open wire or Socket that is conducting electricity.

Uses of Electric Screw Driver
  1. Testing the current flow in the electronic devices and wires.
  2. Adjust the screws in any repair work.

Electronic Spices is a trusted E-commerce brand, well known for its high-quality tools, according to our esteemed Customers. That reputation holds true for Electronic Spices insulated tools as well, and our Electrical screwdriver made by high-quality alloy steel. The construction of these screwdrivers allows them to resist impact and even protect users against electric shock. This screwdriver also features high quality plastic grip handles to ensure that users can get a better grip when working.

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very good product

Abhishek - Oct 04, 2023
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