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Small continuity tester with red indicator LED light and pre installed battery


  1. Color of the tester : Red and black
  2. Length of the wire : 40cm
  3. Comes with pre-installed battery and LED indicator
  4. Easy to handle and operate
  5. Hard plastic body

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SKU: 14992HW

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Small continuity tester with a red indicator LED light and pre-installed battery

To establish an electrical path, you need to do everything in the right way. But sometimes little mistakes occur in the making of the project. To overcome that problem, A tester might be the right choice for you. That's why we bring you the cheapest and the best continuity tester. This tester comes with a pre-installed battery and a LED indicator. If the electrical path is established correctly, then the LED glows. The hard plastic body provides high wear and tear properties. So, if you accidentally fell the tester down it won't easily break. The handy design makes it easy to use. And it is very reliable. So if you are looking for a continuity tester, then this might be the right choice for you.


  1. Pre-installed battery and LED indicator
  2. Easy to handle and operate
  3. Hard plastic body
  4. High wear and tear properties
  5. Cheaper than any other tester in the market

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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 24, 2023
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