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Female A type straight USB connector pack of 5pcs


  • Type : A USB 2.0 Plug
  • Universal and secure USB protocol
  • It's plug and play
  • Can be used to interface mouse and keyboards to uP/uC
  • USB power supply : 100 to 500 mA
  • The protocol supports robust error detection

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Female A type straight USB connector pack of 5pcs

The term USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, as the name implies it is a universal form of communication that is even now supported by all hardware and software that has a USB host. This works through Asynchronous Serial Protocol, meaning there is no clock shared between the sender and receiver. Every device that we connect to a USB port works through this protocol. If a Microcontroller or Microprocessor supports a USB host then we can connect any USB device like Keyboard, mouse, camera, printer, MP3 player, etc. to exchange information between this device and the host.

Package includes

This is the pack of 5 pieces of Female A type straight USB connector


  • Interface Keyboard or mouse with MCU
  • Serial Bus connections
  • Portable and pluggable devices
  • Small distance, high-speed communication

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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 27, 2023
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