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HX711 - Load cell voltage amplifier sensor module


  1. Input voltage: ±40mV
  2. Data accuracy: 24 bit
  3. Refresh frequency: 10 to 80 Hz
  4. Operating voltage : 2.7V to 5V DC
  5. Operating current: 10 mA

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HX711 - Load cell voltage amplifier sensor module

An accurate and adaptable tool for weighing and measuring force is the HX711 Load Cell Voltage Amplifier Sensor Module. Accurate readings from load cells are provided by its high-precision ADC and amplifier assembly. Projects like DIY weight-sensing systems, industrial automation, and kitchen scales are a few of the many uses for it. For a variety of weight measuring applications where precision and dependability are crucial, the module's small size and simple interface make it a crucial instrument.

  • Precision load cell voltage amplifier sensor module.
  • Accurate weight and force measurements.
  • Ideal for kitchen scales, industrial automation, and DIY weight-sensing projects.
  • Compact design and easy interfacing for versatile applications.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 14, 2024
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