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9 mm Electret condenser microphone sound sensors pack of 20pcs


  1. Operating Voltage  :  2V to 10V
  2. Current consumption  :  0.5mA (max)
  3. Recommended operating voltage  :  2V
  4. Operating Frequency  :  20Hz to 16,000Hz
  5. Impedance  :  <2.2kΩ
  6. Package includes : 20 pieces

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Rs. 202.54 / pack of 20 = Rs. 10.13 per piece
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9 mm Electret condenser microphone sound sensors pack of 20pcs

This is the most common type of transducer. It is used to detect or measure sound signals. It functions exactly like the opposite of a normal speaker. Therefore, when a sound signal is detected it produces electrical signals. This type of microphone is used to convert sound into an electrical signal. And also they are used in a wide variety of consumer electronic products. For example - mobile phones, GPS devices, and speech recognition equipment. So if you are looking for a transducer to convert sound signals in your environment to electrical signals to detect sound or record voices then this microphone could be the right choice for you.

Package includes:-

This is the pack of 20 pieces of 9 mm Electret condenser microphone sound sensor


  1. Noise detectors
  2. Voice control modules
  3. Sound recorders
  4. Activity monitors

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 23, 2024
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