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KCD4 16A 250V AC red color 4 pins DPDT heavy duty plastic rocker switches pack of 50pcs


  1. 100% Original and best quality product
  2. Type  :  Double pole, double throw
  3. Max. current withstand  :  250V
  4. Max. power rating  :  16A
  5. High temperature withstand
  6. Long life approximately 10,000 clicks
  7. High wear and tear properties
  8. Durable and excellent design
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SKU: 9660GO

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Rs. 499.15 (+18% GST extra)
Rs. 499.15 / pack of 50 = Rs. 9.98 per piece
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KCD4 16A 250V AC red color 4 pins DPDT heavy duty plastic

Rocker switches pack of 50pcs

This is a heavy-duty large switch. It has 4 pins, two are used for input and the other two are used as output. The color of this switch is shiny red. It can withstand high room temperature. The switch offers a simple on/off switch on both the output and input at the same time. The switch is built from high plastic material which gives the switch strength and hardness. The wear and tear properties are also very high. It can work for longer durations. The life cycle continues for approximately 10,000 clicks. It has a simple O and I indication for your help.

Package includes

This is a pack of 50 pieces of KCD4 16A 250V AC red color 4 pin DPDT heavy duty plastic rocker switch


  1. High-temperature resistance
  2. Simple on/off switching
  3. Hard plastic material use in the making of this switch
  4. High wear and tear properties.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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