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LM358 Dual operational amplifier 8 pins IC pack of 10pcs


  1. Dual operational amplifier
  2. Number of amplifiers: 2
  3. Number of pins: 8
  4. Wide power supply Range
  5. Singe supply: 3V to 32V
  6. Dual supply: 1.5V to 16V
  7. Low Supply current – 700uA
  8. Short circuit protection outputs

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LM358 Dual operational amplifier 8 pins IC pack of 10pcs

This IC is a dual operating amplifier. It uses a shared power supply to integrate with two op-amps. The power supply voltage and the differential input voltage range may be same. With a magnitude of only 2 mV, the default input offset voltage is quite low. A 500 uA supply current is the norm. This integrated circuit can also be used to operate from split power supplies.

Package includes
This is the pack of 10 pieces of LM358 Dual operational amplifier 8 pin IC


  • Integrated with two Op-Amps in a single IC
  • It has a wide range of power supply
  • Short circuit protection outputs
  • Use in conventional op-amp circuits
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very good product

Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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