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TL072CP Dual operational amplifier 8 pin IC pack of 2pcs


  1. Dual operational amplifier
  2. Number of pins : 8
  3. Supply voltage range : 6V to 36V
  4. Output current : 10mA
  5. High slew rate : 13 V/μs
  6. Low noise distortion
  7. Short circuit and thermal shutdown protection

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TL072CP Dual operational amplifier 8 pin IC pack of 2pcs

This is a JFET-input operational amplifier IC. It is a dual Op-amp IC means it contains two op-amps inside. This IC provides high voltage with low noise and a high slew rate. The Input bias and Offset currents are also low. Its low harmonic distortion and low noise make it fit for use where high accuracy is needed. It is also used in the application of audio pre-amplification.

Package includes

This is the pack of 2 pieces of TL072CP Dual operational amplifier 8 pin IC


  1. It has low power consumption, Input-bias currents, and Offset currents
  2. Consist short circuit protection
  3. The input impedance value is also high
  4. Moreover, internal frequency compensation

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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 27, 2023
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