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M57962L 12 pin hybrid IC for driving IGBT modules


  1. Supply voltage: 12V DC
  2. Driver configuration: low slide
  3. Peak output current : 5A
  4. Input delay : 1µs
  5. Output delay : 1µs
  6. Output current : 0.5A

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M57962L 12 pin hybrid IC for driving IGBT modules

This is a hybrid IC. It is designed for driving n-channel IGBT modules in any gate amplifier application. This device operates as an isolation amplifier for these modules. And also provides the required electrical isolation between the input and output with an optocoupler. Short circuit protection is provided by a built-in desaturation detector. A fault signal is provided if the short circuit protection is activated.


  1. Built-in high CMRR optocoupler
  2. Two supply drive topology
  3. Electrical isolation between input and output with optocouplers
  4. Built in short circuit protection circuit with a pin for fault output

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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2024
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