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MPX5010DP Pressure 0-10KPa transmitter sensor module


  1. Model name : MPX5010DP
  2. Input voltage : 4.75V – 5.25V
  3. Operating pressure range : 0 - 10k/pa
  4. Pressure type : Differential
  5. Number of pins : 6
  6. Operating temp. range : -40°C to +125°C

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MPX5010DP Pressure 0-10KPa transmitter sensor module

The MPX5010DP Pressure Transmitter Sensor Module is a precision tool designed to degree and convert strain into electrical indicators, making it a crucial issue in a whole lot of applications. This module is specially engineered to offer accurate and real-time stress information within a variety of 0-10KPa. One of the standout capabilities of the MPX5010DP module is its extremely good sensitivity and precision. It utilizes a piezoresistive era, allowing it to stumble on even subtle strain changes with excessive accuracy. This makes it suitable for applications in which specific pressure monitoring is important, which include scientific gadgets, commercial automation, and HVAC systems. The module's compatibility with microcontrollers and digital structures simplifies the mixing method, allowing customers to contain strain sensing right into a huge range of tasks. Whether it is used for altitude measurements, waft control, or leak detection, the MPX5010DP module guarantees correct and dependable strain data. The compact and person-pleasant layout of the module simplifies its installation and setup, making it appropriate for DIY tasks and expert applications alike. Additionally, it operates on a low-voltage supply, which complements its energy performance and extends its operational existence. In precis, the MPX5010DP Pressure Transmitter Sensor Module is an imperative tool for initiatives and structures requiring particular pressure measurements. Its excessive sensitivity, compatibility with microcontrollers, and flexible packages make it an invaluable aspect for various projects, making sure of correct and dependable pressure tracking and control.

  1. Accurate pressure measurement (0-10KPa).
  2. high sensitivity and accuracy.
  3. Ideal for medical, industrial, and HVAC applications.
  4. Using Piezoresistive Technology.
  5. Compatible with microcontrollers.
  6. Compact and easy to use.
  7. Low voltage operation for energy efficiency.
  8. It ensures reliability and accurate pressure control.

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Abhishek - Jul 15, 2024
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