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MQ-2 Flammable gas and smoke detection sensor module


  1. Operating voltage:  5V DC
  2. Interface type:  Analog and Digital
  3. High sensitivity to smoke and combustible gasses like Hydrogen, LPG & Propane.
  4. Low Cost
  5. Stable & Long Life.
  6. Board Power indication

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MQ-2 Flammable gas and smoke detection sensor module

The MQ-2 Flammable Gas and Smoke Detection Sensor Module is a flexible thing for detecting a range of flammable gases and smoke inside the environment. It offers dependable performance and is typically used in gasoline leak detection structures and air great tracking applications. With high sensitivity and speedy response times, this module is a precious addition to safety and environmental tracking systems, alerting users to potential gas or smoke dangers directly.

  1. Versatile Gas Detection: Detects a wide range of flammable gases and smoke.
  2. High Sensitivity: Offers rapid and precise response to gas and smoke levels.
  3. Widely Applicable: Ideal for gas leak detection and air quality monitoring.
  4. Reliable Performance: Ensures safety by promptly alerting to potential hazards.

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 14, 2024
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