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MQ4 Methane, CNG and flammable gas detection sensor pack of 1pcs


  1. High quality aluminum oxide body
  2. Operating voltage  :  5V
  3. Target gas : Methane
  4. Sensing resistance  :  2kΩ to 20KΩ
  5. Load resistance  :  200kΩ (Adjustable)
  6. Heating consumption  :  lower than 750mW
  7. Concentration scope : 200 to 10,000ppm
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MQ4 Methane, CNG and flammable gas detection sensor pack of 1pcs

The MQ series gas sensors are widely considered the most useful when it comes to measuring or detecting certain gases. Gasses such as methane, CNG, and combustible gas can be detected or measured using it. Based on the amount of methane present, this sensor produces an analog resistive output. The conductivity of the sensor increases in tandem with the concentration of methane gas when it is present. Thus, it can be used for a variety of purposes where methane gas at varying concentrations needs to be detected. With a quick response time, this sensor is highly sensitive. Premium aluminum oxide is used in the manufacturing of the sensor. Additionally, the sensor can easily detect gasses because to its flawless design. For both your home and business, this sensor is dependable, affordable, and simple to use.

Package includes
This is the pack of a single piece of MQ4 Methane, CNG and flammable gas detection sensor


  • Detects or measure gases like Methane, CNG and flammable gas
  • High sensitivity and fast response time
  • Build from high quality aluminium oxide
  • Moreover, Reliable, easy to use and cost effective sensor
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 14, 2024
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