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PAG-40-BT-V1.0 Digital Amplifier Module With Microphone Bass V0.1


  1. Voice recorder, FM Radio
  2. Support MP3 WAV
  3. Recording Microphone bass 
  4. Wire Microphones
  5. Buttons: four buttons, multi – directional control, PLAY VOL-/ / VOL+ / MODE
  6. With digital display;
  7. JST wire

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MRP Rs. 475.80
Rs. 390.00 (Incl. Tax)
Rs. 330.51 (+18% GST extra)
Rs.330.51 / 1 pcs = Rs.330.51 per piece
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PAG-40-BT-V1.0  Digital Amplifier Module With Microphone Bass V0.1

Product Description

These  Audio Module Amplifiers can be used to play music from your smartphone and the included remote and JST wire lets you control the volume and change tracks. This product has a remote control and can be attached to an amplifier LCD screen. Volume bass control

by potentiometer. Support MMC/SD/MMA and other cards, support USB interface (U disk).


    1. Voice recorder, FM Radio
    2. Microphone ,Echo Treble Bass USB 
    3. FM, AUX
    4. MP3, WMA, WAV, MP1, MP2
    5. Resume Function; Recording ;EQ;Microphone;
    6. included JST wire

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    very good product

    Abhishek - Feb 03, 2023
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