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PAM8610 10W+10W Dual channel stereo audio amplifier board module pack of 1pcs


  1. Dual channel audio amplifier
  2. Working voltage  :  12V
  3. Output power  :  10W+10W
  4. Chip name  :  PAM8610
  5. Efficiency  :  90%
  6.  Frequency response  :  20Hz to 50KHz

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PAM8610 10W+10W Dual channel stereo audio amplifier board module pack of 1pcs

The PAM8610 10W+10W Dual Channel Stereo Music Amplifier Module is a portable and powerful option for improving music playback in many applications. Thanks to its dual-channel architecture, it produces 20W (10W per channel) of pure, brilliant stereo sound. This module can be powered by DC voltage from 7V to 15V and works efficiently. It has features such as overheating and overcurrent protection and also offers excellent audio fidelity. It offers exceptional sound quality and is a popular choice for DIY audio projects, portable speakers and amplifier needs due to its compact size and easy integration.


  • Dual-channel power: Stereo audio amplification integrated for 20W (10W per channel).
  • Wide voltage range: 7V to 15V DC power supply works for flexible use.
  • High-Definition Audio: Ensures crystal clear top-notch audio output for the best listening experience.
  • Built-in protection: Provides extra protection and extra warmth for longer durability and increased safety.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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