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RepRap Stepper Motor Driver Module A4988


  • Minimum operating voltage: 8V
  • Maximum operating voltage: 35V
  • Continuous current per phase: 1 Amp
  • Maximum current per phase: 2 Amp
  • Minimum logic voltage: 3V
  • Maximum logic voltage: 5.5V
  • Microstep resolutions: Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16

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RepRap Stepper Motor Driver Module A4988

The RepRap Stepper Motor Driver Module A4988 is a flexible and green motor driving force designed for particular management in 3D printers, CNC machines, and other initiatives requiring correct motor control. Based on the Allegro A4988 microstepping driving force, this module gives a huge range of functions and reliability. Microstepping Control: The A4988 lets in micro-stepping, permitting smoother and greater unique manipulation of stepper vehicles. It can provide up to sixteen micro steps in line with the complete step, enhancing motion accuracy. Adjustable Current Limit: Users can first-rate-track the motor's cutting-edge restriction using a potentiometer, ensuring top-rated motor overall performance, reducing the chance of overheating, and improving ordinary reliability.Thermal Protection: The A4988 integrates thermal protection, which safeguards in opposition to overheating by disabling the output if the temperature exceeds a safe threshold.Versatile Voltage Compatibility: With a wide voltage range (as much as 35V), it suits a whole lot of stepper motor configurations, making it adaptable to distinctive initiatives.Easy Integration: Simple interface with most microcontrollers and manage boards through step and route input pins, allowing for straightforward manipulation.Reliable Performance: The A4988 provides regular and solid motor overall performance, minimizing the chance of missed steps all through the motor operation.Compact Design: Its compact size makes it handy to combine into present setups, saving area. The RepRap Stepper Motor Driver Module A4988 is a splendid desire for applications that require precise and managed stepper motor operation, offering stronger motion control and reliability.

  1. Adjustable Current: Potentiometer for smooth current adjustment, ensuring the most efficient motor overall performance.
  2. Over-Temperature Shutdown: Integrated thermal safety prevents overheating.
  3. Versatile Voltage Range: Operates with an extensive voltage variety, making it adaptable to specific setups.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Simple step and direction manipulate interface for smooth integration.
  5. Stable Performance: Reliable operation to prevent overlooked steps and maintain accuracy.
  6. Compact Design: Space-saving module for green use of board area.
  7. Compatibility: Suitable for diverse applications, along with 3-D printers, CNC machines, and more.
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Abhishek - Jun 14, 2024
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