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L298N Motor Driver Circuit Board


  1. Driver module : L298N
  2. Driver chip : Double H bridge
  3. Motor supply voltage (Max.): 46V
  4. Motor supply current (Max.): 2A
  5. Logic voltage :  5V
  6. Driver voltage :  5V to 35V
  7. Driver current : 2A
  8. Logical current : 0-36mA
  9. Maximum power :  25W

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L298N Motor Driver Circuit Board

This is a stepper motor and DC motor driver module with high power. An L298N motor driver integrated circuit and a 78M05 5V regulator make up this module. Up to four DC motors can be driven by it, or two DC motors with speed and direction control. It is intended to deliver up to 4A of bidirectional drive current at voltages ranging from 2.5 V to 46 V. This module features flyback diodes to shield against back electromagnetic fields and a heat sink for improved heat dissipation.


  • Heatsink for better heat dissipation
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Flyback diodes for protection from back EMF
  • PCB with double sided printing to improve connector strength
  • Two LEDs per H-Bridge for easier debugging
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Abhishek - Jun 20, 2024
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