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TPA3118 60W Mono (single) channel digital power amplifier module pack of 1pcs


  1. Operating Voltage  :  4.5V to 24V DC
  2. Multiple Switching Frequencies
  3. Short circuit protection
  4. Stereo and Mono Mode
  5. Master and Slave Synchronization
  6.  Single-Filter Mono Configuration

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TPA3118 60W Mono (single) channel digital power amplifier module pack of 1pcs

An excellent all-around audio amplifier for mono audio applications is the TPA3118 60W Mono Channel Digital Power Amplifier Module. It produces clean and strong audio overall performance with a power output of 60W. For low distortion and effective power conversion, this module makes use of the virtual amplification period. This small device is perfect for do-it-yourself projects, single-channel speaker arrangements, and personalized sound systems because it is simple to integrate into many audio systems. The TPA3118 module provides an adaptable and trustworthy amplification solution, whether you are creating an audio project from start or improving your audio experience.

Package includes:-
This is the pack of a single piece of TPA3118 60W Mono (single) channel digital power amplifier module


  • Power-Stage Architecture
  • Differential and Single-Ended Inputs
  • Stereo and Mono Mode
  • Single-Filter Mono Configuration
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 14, 2024
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