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Small 12V stereo circuit board with single 6283 IC


  1. 100% branded and tested genuine product
  2. Working voltage  :  12V
  3. Use external speakers for a sound connection
  4. Speakers do not come with this board
  5. Small, durable, and light
  6. IC  :  single 6283

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Small 12V stereo circuit board with single 6283 IC

This is a small audio board. You can use it for amplification purposes. It has an inbuilt IC 6283. It works on 12V. You can connect two external speakers with it. It offers 50 to 80 Hz of clear sound quality. It won’t take up much space either. You can use it in small DIY projects where space is an issue. This board can easily amplify the low input signals into much higher output signals that can drive speakers and give you a better and improve sound quality.


  1. Use to amplify low input signals into higher output signals
  2. To produce better sound quality
  3. Use to drive two speakers at the same time.

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very good product

Abhishek - Sep 27, 2023
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