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16 x 1 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD161A)


  1. Color of display: Green
  2. Color of character: Yellow
  3. Size : 16 x 1 (16 character x 1 rows)
  4. Input voltage : +5V
  5. Supply current : 1.2mA
  6. Board dimensions  :  80mm x 36mm (LxB)
  7. Display dimensions   :   65mm x 15mm (LxB)

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16 x 1 Yellow/Green color LCD display module (JHD161A)

The 16 x 1 Yellow/Green Color LCD Display Module, referred to as the JHD161A is a compact and noticeably efficient visible interface designed to offer clean and concise facts presentation in various electronic programs. Renowned for its versatility, clarity, and area-saving layout, this display module unearths programs in patron electronics, business management systems, and instrumentation devices. One of the distinct capabilities of the JHD161A is its sixteen-person display width, which allows it to showcase a full-size quantity of text or numeric data. This makes it suitable for packages in which area is at a premium, and users require short access to statistics. The yellow and green color combination gives an excessive degree of assessment, making sure of outstanding legibility even in tough light situations. This function makes it especially nicely desirable for applications in which clarity is crucial, together with control panels and size devices. The module's aid for alphanumeric characters and primary symbols adds to its versatility, permitting customers to carry a huge variety of statistics in a concise and user-pleasant way. This is in particular beneficial for packages that require actual-time statistics remarks or interplay.

  1. Compact 16-Character Display Width.
  2. Yellow/Green Colors for High Contrast.
  3. Ideal for Space-Efficient Applications.
  4. Support for Alphanumeric Characters.
  5. Versatile Information Presentation.
  6. User-Friendly and Readable Display.
  7. Straightforward Installation and Operation.
  8. Valuable for Control Panels and Measurement Devices.


  1. Fax machines
  2. Laser printers
  3. Industrial test equipment
  4. Networking equipment

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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 15, 2024
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