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ACS712 - 10A range current detection sensor module


  • Measures both AC and DC current
  • Provides isolation from the load
  • Easy to integrate with MCU, since it outputs an analog voltage
  • Scale factor : 150mV/Amp

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ACS712 - 10A range current detection sensor module

This ACS712 module can measure current AC or DC current ranging from +10A to -10A. This module output Analog voltage (0-5V) based on the current flowing through the wire. It is very easy to install this module with any microcontroller. So if you are looking for a module to measure current using a microcontroller for your project; then this module might be the right choice for you.


  1. Over-current protection circuits,
  2. Battery chargers,
  3. Switching mode power supplies,
  4. Digital watt meters,
  5. Programmable current source

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very good product

Abhishek - Oct 04, 2023
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