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IRF540 100V 33A N-channel HEXFET Power Mosfet


  1. Type : Small signal N-Channel MOSFET
  2. Continuous drain current : 33A at 25°C
  3. Pulsed drain current : 110A
  4. Minimum gate threshold voltage : 2V
  5. The maximum gate threshold voltage : 4V
  6. Gate source voltage : ±20V
  7. Maximum drain-source voltage : 100V

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IRF540 100V 33A N-channel HEXFET Power Mosfet

The IRF540 MOSFET Transistor is an N-Channel powered MOSFET used for very fast switching operations as well as for amplification processes. It operates in enhancement mode. Its input impedance is quite high as compared to the general transistor so, it's a lot sensitive in comparison to them. It has a lot of applications in daily life, for example, switching regulators, relay drives, switching converters, motor drivers, high-speed power switching drivers, etc. IRF540 works on a pretty simple principle. It has three kinds of terminals e.g. Drain, Gate, and Source. When we apply any of the pulses at its Gate terminal, its Gate and Drain gets short i.e. they make a common connection with each other. When the Gate and the Drain get short, only then we will be able to obtain the desired results otherwise it will produce unnecessary or unwanted results.


  1. Dynamic dV/dt rating
  2. Repetitive avalanche rated
  3. Fast switching
  4. Ease of paralleling
  5. Simple drive requirements

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very good product

Abhishek - Jun 14, 2024
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