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IRF840 500V 8A N-channel Power Mosfet


  1. N-Channel Power MOSFET
  2. Continuous drain current : 8A
  3. Gate threshold voltage : 10V (limit = ±20V)
  4. Drain to source breakdown voltage: 500V
  5. Drain source resistance : 0.85 Ohms
  6. Rise time and fall time : 23nS and 20nS

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IRF840 500V 8A N-channel Power Mosfet

The advanced power MOSFET IRF840 POWER MOSFET, which operates in the breakdown avalanche mode and is designed, tested, and guaranteed to withstand a specific level of energy, is a silicon gate power field effect transistor with an N-channel enhancement mode. These power MOSFETs are all made for driving high power bipolar switching transistors that need to operate at high speed and low gate drive power. Other applications for which they are intended include motor drivers, relay drivers, switching regulators, and switching converters. Integrated circuits can be used to directly operate these kinds. An N-Channel Power MOSFET with a 500V maximum switching voltage is the IRF840. The MOSFET can be used to switch loads with a maximum consumption of 8A. To turn it on, place a 10V gate threshold voltage across the source and gate pins. The MOSFET cannot be used directly with an I/O pin of a CPU since it is designed for switching high current, high voltage loads, and as such, it has a rather high gate voltage. The IRF840 MOSFET's high on-resistance (RDS) value of roughly 0.85 ohms is one of its main drawbacks. Therefore, applications requiring high switching efficiency cannot use this MOSFET. To supply 10V to the MOSFET's gate pin, a driver circuit is needed. The most basic driver circuit can be constructed with a transistor. In addition to its low thermal resistance and comparatively inexpensive cost, the MOSFET can be employed in DC-DC converter circuits because of its fast switching speeds.


  • Switching high power devices
  • Inverter circuits
  • DC-DC converters
  • Control speed of motors
  • LED dimmers or flashers
  • High-speed switching applications
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