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MPR121 V12 Capacitive touch sensor controller module


  1. Operating voltage  :  2.5V to 3.6V DC
  2. 29μA supply current at 16ms sample period
  3. Shutdown current  :  3μA
  4. 12 electrodes
  5. Operating temperature range  :  -40°C to +85°C

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MPR121 V12 Capacitive touch sensor controller module

The MPR121 V12 Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller Module represents a complicated and flexible answer for adding touch-sensitive competencies to an extensive range of digital gadgets and interactive structures. This incredibly small and highly effective module uses the technology of capacitive sensing to deliver accurate and responsive contact management. With 12 capacitive touch entry channels, the MPR121 V12 module offers incredible sensitivity and dependability. This makes it perfect for applications involving interactive presentations, industrial manipulation panels, and user interfaces in consumer electronics. Every channel has the ability to detect touch, accounting for intricate manipulation schemes and multi-touch interactions. Numerous touch-sensing modes, such as touch/launch detection, proximity sensing, and touch detection, are supported by the module. When looking to add contact-based interactivity to their projects, designers and engineers have a plethora of creative options thanks to this flexibility. The versatility of the MPR121 V12 is one of its best features. Because of its wide range of operating voltages, it can be used with a number of energy sources. Through an I2C interface, the module can communicate with microcontrollers and other devices, ensuring a smooth integration into current electronic systems. The MPR121 V12 is also engineered to use less electricity, preserving electricity and extending battery life.


  • High Sensitivity and Reliability.
  • Ideal for User Interfaces and Displays.
  • 12 Channels of Capacitive Touch Input.
  • Supports Touch, Proximity, and Touch/Release Modes.
  • Wide Operating Voltage Range.
  • I2C Communication for Easy Integration.
  • Low Power Consumption for Extended Use.
  • Versatile Solution for Interactive Electronics.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 22, 2024
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