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MQ-7 Carbon monoxide gas detection sensor module


  1. Sensor type: semiconductor
  2. Target gas: carbon monoxide
  3. Detection range: 10~500ppm CO
  4. Working voltage: 5V
  5. Heat resistance: normal room temperature

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MQ-7 Carbon monoxide gas detection sensor module

The MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection Sensor Module is a crucial aspect for tracking and detecting carbon monoxide (CO) gas in quite a number of environments. CO is a colorless, odorless gasoline that can be dangerous to human fitness whilst present in accelerated concentrations. This sensor module is designed to provide early warnings and correct CO fuel measurements for safety-essential applications. One of the distinguishing functions of the MQ-7 module is its excessive sensitivity to carbon monoxide fuel. It employs superior gasoline sensing technology that allows for the detection of even low concentrations of CO, making it a dependable device for protecting lives and belongings. The sensor module is well matched with microcontrollers and virtual systems, simplifying integration into numerous projects and structures. Its analog output presents actual-time records for evaluation and motion. Safety is a pinnacle priority in packages that contain CO exposure, and the MQ-7 module complements protection by offering fast response and early caution capabilities. This guarantees that corrective measures may be taken promptly to save you from CO-related fitness dangers or injuries. The compact design of the module, coupled with its consumer-pleasant interface, simplifies setup and operation. This makes it an excellent preference for DIY enthusiasts and experts running protection and environmental monitoring projects. In summary, the MQ-7 Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection Sensor Module is a quintessential device for CO gasoline detection in crucial applications. Its excessive sensitivity, compatibility with microcontrollers, fast response, and ease of use make it a valuable element for boosting safety and minimizing CO-related dangers in various environments.

  1. High Sensitivity to Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas.
  2. Early Warning System for CO Detection.
  3. Compatible with Microcontrollers.
  4. Provides Real-Time Analog Output.
  5. Enhances Safety in CO-Prone Environments.
  6. Rapid Response for Timely Alerts.
  7. User-Friendly Design and Installation.
  8. Critical for Health and Property Protection.

  1. High sensitivity to Natural gas
  2. Long life and low cost
  3. Simple drive circuit
  4. Domestic gas leakage
  5. Industrial CO detector
  6. Portable gas detector

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Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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