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TCRT5000 Dual Channel Line Tracking sensor module


  1. Module model : TCRT5000
  2. Working voltage : DC 3.5V to 5V
  3. Output channel : 0/1
  4. Detect distance : 1-25mm
  5. Focal distance : 2.5mm
  6. IC name : LM393
  7. Inbuilt indicator light
  8. Also, built in potentiometer for sensitivity

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TCRT5000 Dual Channel Line Tracking sensor module

The TCRT5000 Dual Channel Line Tracking Sensor Module is a contemporary device designed for unique line tracking and detection in robotics and automation programs. This module gives a dependable answer for autonomous motors, robot navigation, and business automation systems that require correct line-following skills. One of the standout capabilities of this sensor module is its dual-channel design, including an infrared transmitter and receiver. This setup permits it to hit upon song lines, inclusive of black strains on white surfaces or vice versa, via emitting infrared light and measuring the reflection. The TCRT5000 module offers incredible sensitivity and precision, ensuring that it can song lines with high accuracy and consistency. It's suitable for an extensive variety of line-following situations, from maze-fixing robots to assembly line automation. The module's digital output makes it well-suited to microcontrollers, allowing for seamless integration into robot initiatives. Its straightforward connection and ease of programming simplify the setup manner, making it reachable for both beginners and skilled engineers.
Safety and efficiency are paramount in applications in which precise line tracking is vital, and the TCRT5000 module enhances each. Its rapid response and reliability make certain that robots and automated structures can navigate with precision and accuracy, lowering the chance of collisions or mistakes. The compact and robust layout of the module, alongside its user-pleasant interface, simplifies setup and operation. This makes it a valuable device for engineers, hobbyists, and specialists seeking to beautify their line-following initiatives.

  1. Meter pulse data sampling
  2. Fax paper shredders detection
  3. Obstacle detection
  4. Black and white line detection

  1. Dual-Channel Infrared Line Tracking Technology.
  2. High Sensitivity and Precision for Accurate Tracking.
  3. Ideal for Robotics and Automation Applications.
  4. Compatible with Microcontrollers for Easy Integration.
  5. Digital Output for Simplified Programming.
  6. Rapid Response Ensures Precise Line Following.
  7. Compact and Robust Design for Versatile Use.
  8. User-Friendly Interface for Engineers and Hobbyists.

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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 28, 2023
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