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IR Proximity Sensor for Line Follower


  1. Operating voltage : 3.6V to 5V DC
  2. Digital output : logic one (+3.5V DC) logic zero (0V DC)
  3. Mounting hole size : 3mm
  4. IC model name : 393
  5. Distance measuring range : 2cm to 30cm
  6. Effective distance range : 2cm to 80 cm

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IR Proximity Sensor for Line Follower

A dedicated sensor designed for line-following robots and similar applications is the IR Proximity Sensor for Line Follower. It can correctly sing and follow lines or courses because it produces infrared light and senses surface reflections. Automatic robotics, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and other applications needing accurate navigation and course monitoring depend on this sensor because of its unique distance size and line detection capabilities.


  • Precise distance measurement and line detection.
  • It Emits infrared light and detects surface reflection.
  • Ideal for autonomous robots and automated guided vehicles requiring accurate path tracking.
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very good product

Abhishek - Jul 14, 2024
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