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MQ-4 Methane and smoke gas detector sensor module


  1. Operating voltage : 3V to 5V
  2. Wide detecting scope
  3. Fast response and High sensitivity
  4. Stable and long life
  5. Detect/Measure : Methane, Natural gases, etc.

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MQ4 - Methane and smoke gas detector sensor module

The MQ-four Methane and Smoke Gas Detector Sensor Module is a crucial device for safeguarding lives and belongings through early detection and monitoring of doubtlessly dangerous gases, consisting of methane and smoke. This sensor module's superior technology and precision make it an crucial tool for diverse packages, from domestic safety structures to enterprise and business settings. One of the important functions and capabilities of the MQ-4 module is its capacity to stumble on methane, an incredibly flammable fuel normally located in herbal gas, making it critical for fuel leakage prevention. Additionally, its smoke detection functionality is important for early fireside detection, drastically decreasing fireside-associated dangers. This sensor module offers excellent sensitivity and a fast reaction time, ensuring the properly-timed and accurate detection of risky gases. The module's virtual output provides actual-time records for evaluation and motion, making it like-minded with microcontrollers and digital systems. Safety is paramount in packages concerning fuel detection, and the MQ-4 module complements protection by way of imparting well timed indicators and reliable fuel attention measurements. Experts working on environmental monitoring and protection projects as well as do-it-yourself enthusiasts can benefit from the module's easy setup and use due to its unique and small design. To put it briefly, a vital tool for gas and smoke detection in essential systems is the MQ-4 Methane and Smoke Gas Detector Sensor Module. Its excessive sensitivity, compatibility with microcontrollers, fast response, and ease of use make it a precious factor for reinforcing protection and minimizing gas-associated dangers in numerous environments

  1. Dual Capability: Methane and Smoke Detection.
  2. Early Warning System for Gas and Fire Hazards.
  3. High Sensitivity and Rapid Response Time.
  4. Digital Output for Real-Time Data.
  5. Compatible with Microcontrollers and Digital Systems.
  6. Enhances Safety by Providing Timely Alerts.
  7. Compact and User-Friendly Design.
  8. Ideal for Both DIY and Professional Safety Applications.
  1. It is suitable for detecting CH4 and CNG.
  2. Industrial Combustible gas detector
  3. Portable gas detectors
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very good product

Abhishek - May 25, 2024
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