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RCWL0516 - Microwave radar sensor module


  1. Operating Voltage : 28V
  2. Operating Current : 2.8mA
  3. Detecting Range : 5 - 9 m
  4. Transmitting Power : 20mW

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RCWL0516 - Microwave radar sensor module

This sensor uses microwave Doppler radar technology to detect moving objects. It has a sensitivity range of 0 to 7 meters. When triggered, its TTL-level output pin will switch from low to high for a finite time before returning to its idle state. This flexible sensor module can easily use in conjunction with many microcontrollers and even without a microcontroller at all. It can handle power supply inputs anywhere from 4 to 28 V.


  1. Transmission signal processing control chip
  2. Wide operating voltage range 4.0V to 28.0V
  3. Adjustable Block time and distance
  4. 3.3V output power supply

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very good product

Abhishek - Mar 27, 2023
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