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RCWL0516 - Microwave radar sensor module


  1. Operating Voltage : 28V
  2. Operating Current : 2.8mA
  3. Detecting Range : 5 - 9 m
  4. Transmitting Power : 20mW

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RCWL0516 - Microwave radar sensor module

The RCWL0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module is a complicated motion detection answer that utilizes microwave generation for precise and reliable performance. This compact module is perfect for an extensive variety of applications wherein movement detection is vital. It operates based on the Doppler radar principle, emitting microwave indicators and analyzing the contemplated signals to locate motion. The non-touch operation permits for hid installation, making it perfect for safety systems, automatic lights, and electricity-saving programs. The RCWL0516 module has a detection range of as much as 7 meters, and it is able to penetrate substances which include plastic, glass, and thin walls, making it flexible for numerous setups. It functions with adjustable sensitivity and time delay settings, permitting you to personalize its performance to health your unique necessities. This module is known for its low strength consumption, making it suitable for battery-powered gadgets. It additionally has notable immunity to environmental elements which include temperature and humidity versions, making sure of steady and correct detection. With its small shape aspect and clean integration, the RCWL0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module gives more suitable movement sensing competencies, improving safety and convenience in your projects.

  1. Precise Motion Detection: The RCWL0516 Microwave Radar Sensor Module makes use of microwave generation for relatively accurate movement detection.
  2. Detection Range: It can discover movement in various as much as 7 meters, providing widespread insurance.
  3. Non-contact Operation: This module operates without physical touch, making an allowance for concealed setup.
  4. Adjustable Sensitivity: You can nice-tune the sensitivity to shape your particular wishes and reduce fake alarms.
  5. Low Power Consumption: It's power-green, making it appropriate for battery-powered programs.
  6. Immunity to Environmental Factors: The module is resilient in opposition to temperature and humidity versions.

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very good product

Abhishek - May 29, 2024
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