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ACS712 - 20A range current detection sensor module


  • Measures both AC and DC current
  • Provides isolation from the load
  • Easy to integrate with MCU, since it outputs analog voltage
  • Scale factor : 100mV/Amp

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ACS712 - 20A range current detection sensor module

The ACS712 20A Range Current Detection Sensor Module is a vital thing for measuring electrical present day in an extensive range of programs. This module is known for its precision and excessive sensitivity, making it an important device for tracking and controlling current waft in electric systems. One of the maximum widespread functions of this module is its capability to appropriately degree cutting-edge with quite a number of up to 20 amperes. This range is appropriate for numerous applications, from industrial machines and electricity distribution structures to DIY projects concerning cutting-edge tracking. The ACS712 module makes use of the Hall effect to a degree modern, making sure of high accuracy and a linear output signal. This era is important for achieving reliable and specific modern-day measurements, allowing users to make informed decisions based totally on the statistics. The module is well-matched with microcontrollers and virtual systems, simplifying the integration procedure into various initiatives. It gives each analog and virtual output alternatives, enhancing flexibility and facts processing capabilities. Safety and efficiency are vital in packages in which present-day management is paramount, and the ACS712 module complements both. Its particular measurements and speedy reaction ensure that electrical structures can be closely monitored and controlled, minimizing the danger of overload or harm. The compact and person-friendly layout of the module simplifies its setup and setup, making it suitable for specialists and hobbyists alike. In summary, the ACS712 20A Range Current Detection Sensor Module is a crucial device for current size in electrical structures and projects. Its excessive sensitivity, compatibility with microcontrollers, precise measurements, and simplicity of use make it a valuable factor for applicant

  1. Measures Current up to 20 Amperes.
  2. Utilizes Hall Effect for High Precision.
  3. Linear Output Signal for Accurate Readings.
  4. Compatible with Microcontrollers.
  5. Offers Analog and Digital Outputs.
  6. Enhances Safety and Efficiency.
  7. Compact and User-Friendly Design.
  8. Ideal for Various Current Monitoring Applications.

  1. Over-current protection circuits,
  2. Battery chargers,
  3. Switching mode power supplies,
  4. Digital watt meters,
  5. Programmable current source

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very good product

Abhishek - Nov 30, 2023
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