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MOC3021 Opto-isolator TRIAC driver DIP 6 pin IC pack of 2pcs


  1. Forward current: 60mA
  2. Power dissipation: 100mW
  3. Off-state output terminal voltage : 400V
  4. Peak repetitive surge current : 1A
  5. Reverse voltage : 3V
  6. Excellent IFT stability
  7. High isolation voltage

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MOC3021 Opto-isolator TRIAC driver DIP 6 pin IC pack of 2pcs

This electronic component functions as an optocoupler or opto-isolator IC, a zero-crossing TRIAC driver that utilizes light to transmit electrical signals between two isolated circuits. The utilization of light to drive loads of up to 400V is possible due to the TRIAC output. Since the TRIAC can conduct in both directions, it is feasible to regulate AC loads. With a current flow capability of 1A, this component is particularly well-suited for digital control of high-voltage AC loads.

Package includes
This is the pack of 2 pieces of MOC3021 Opto-isolator TRIAC driver DIP 6 pin IC


  • Excellent IFT stability
  • High isolation voltage
  • The IC may produce output in a range of magnitudes because of its non-zero capabilities.
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very good product

Abhishek - May 30, 2024
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